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Baby & Christening Gifts Collection

Keep the tradition of gifting families and new babies with Irish Christening gifts going strong with this deeply meaningful collection. Here is where you can find a great selection of Irish baptism gifts, or as some prefer to say, Gaelic baby gifts, for a newborn or infant boy or girl who is about to be given sacred blessings. When you shop with us, there’s no need to stress or worry over what kind of baby christening gifts are appropriate for an infant or the parents. We’ve taken great care to curate a gift selection of winning ideas that are sure to be appreciated by your gift recipients.

Baby Apparel Accessories

Are you looking for baby boy christening gifts? Consider choosing a pair of cute knit baby socks and a classic Irish beanie hat for babies. These two items can help keep the baby warm and looking good for any occasion. Or select a christening blanket by itself. This is the type of gift that can be worn again by any future new arrivals to the family.

Heirloom Gifts

An heirloom gift is one that is beloved by the entire family and has the potential to be passed down throughout the generations as treasured keepsakes. When choosing this type of christening gift, consider how it will be used and taken care of over many years. Good ideas for heirloom gifts include a beautiful Irish rosary, a baby throw, and a plush Irish bear.

Room Décor Gifts

Your christening gift to a family can be something that adds decorative beauty and cultural significance to a room. We have several items that can be meaningful for a christening. Give parents a lovely photo frame to showcase the baby’s best christening pose. Decorative crosses and figurines are also thoughtful gifts to give on this occasion.