Belleek Pottery

For an Irish gift that keeps on giving, look no further than the Belleek pottery collection at Creative Irish Gifts. We make it our business to keep a steady supply of this amazing pottery in stock with options that range from vases and statues to luminaries and lamps.

World-famous since 1857, Belleek has long held a strong dedication to the traditional handcrafted production process that makes its pottery truly special.

Belleek Vases

Our selection of Belleek vases features pottery as gorgeous as the fabulous flowers they hold. You'll find several miniature vases that make perfect gifts for coworkers and friends, as well as the Angel of Protection figurine for someone closer to the heart.

Belleek Nativity, Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments and nativity scenes are another highly popular category for the remarkable pottery company. In the nativity category, you can choose from a variety of figurines to purchase individually or in sets to add to the Belleek Classic Nativity with Stable. Christmas ornaments are extra-special when they're crafted from Belleek providing beauty and joy for generations to come.

Belleek Pottery Gifts

Don't forget the Belleek dishes, baskets, and other pottery options that also make terrific gifts. We carry a wide selection of mugs along with steins, bowls, plates, pitchers, and other tableware. Beyond kitchenware items, woven baskets, Celtic crosses and Irish blessing picture frames that you can personalize with the recipient's name are options on the list. 

For a truly special gift that showcases the depth of your admiration and love, you can never go wrong with the time-honored pottery from Belleek. Shop the collection at Creative Irish Gifts today.