Celtic Knot Bracelet- Brown


Celtic Knot Bracelet- Brown

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Introducing the Celtic Knot Bracelet, the perfect way to express your timeless connection to Celtic art and culture. This stunning bracelet features a brown embossed leather band adorned with traditional Celtic knotwork for a unique and eye-catching design. The centerpiece of this bracelet is a beautiful stainless-steel medallion accented with its classic Celtic knot design. Additionally, a stainless-steel clasp provides extra security so you can depend on your bracelet to stay in place. As versatile as it is stylish, this piece brings added sophistication to any formal or casual ensemble while honoring centuries-old traditions. Add the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe by purchasing our Celtic Knot Bracelet today!

Made in Ireland.

Sizes small (6 1/2 in.-diameter wrist), medium (7 in.) and large (7 1/2 in. wrist size).

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