2 Stone Family Birthstone Ring


2 Stone Family Birthstone Ring

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Celebrate your treasured family members by ordering a 2-Stone Family Birthstone Ring from Creative Irish gifts. These high-quality family birthstone rings are perfect for mothers and are sometimes called a mother's ring. Each ring includes your choice of gemstones, each representing a different family member. Customize the stones on your ring during the checkout process, and arrange them in any order you choose. Add a stone for each child, or a stone for husband and wife. Family birthstone rings make a perfect gift for the matriarch of the family! Order 2-stone birthstone jewelry to celebrate mother's day, a birthday, a birth or another special event. The 2 stone birthstone rings are made from sterling silver and genuine lab created gemstones for a high-end appearance. Rings are available in sizes 5 - 9 and are made in Ireland.

JZ031 Ring: 2 stones $129.99, 3 stones $149.99, 4 stones $169.99, 5 stones $179.99, 6 stones $199.99, 7 stones $219.99

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