Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets


Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets

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Introducing Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets. These individually wrapped sweets are perfect for any occasion, from dessert after meals to sharing with a loved one. 

Enjoy our individually wrapped pieces, with all your favorite traditional Irish candies: chocolates, caramels, fruit-flavored jellies & sweets, toffees, and fudges. Whether you’re in search of a sweet snack or an authentic Irish feast of desserts, Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets has it all!

These goodies are made in Ireland and they truly embody the highest quality standards we expect when snacking on Irish sweets. Great for anyone looking for a taste of home or simply an indulgent treat on its own. Pick up a box or two today and experience the unique flavors and textures that only Kate Kearney Irish Sweets can offer!

14.4 oz.

Made in Ireland.

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