Featured JMH Jewellery

JMH Jewellery is a family business with a 44-year obsession with producing quality Irish made jewelry!  We are manufacturing jewelers based in South Dublin, ideally located close to all our homes! Started by our parents in 1973, shortly after they met, from the beginning JMH Jewellery has been a fusion of design and goldsmithing, producing stunning designs with recognizable style and quality. Our parents instilled their love for fine jewelry, craftsmanship and design in us, and so now Joseph and I work alongside them creating beautiful jewelry, carrying on the family tradition. The Family Colours seemed like such a natural collection for us to create, from our family to yours, and we are pleased to launch a new necklet style in the collection this year. Personalized jewelry pieces are such a great opportunity to create bespoke family heirlooms. Each stone in these pieces represents a birth month of a family member. Gorgeous! Its important to know, too, that each piece of our jewelry has been tested and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, Ireland. This is your guarantee of the purity of the metal in your piece. You will be able to find the hallmark on the back of your necklace, or inside your ring, and you will see the initials JMH, standing for Joseph Michael Harbourne (also known as Joe, or the Boss, or Dad!), alongside that is the Hibernia mark, to say that the item has been through the Dublin Assay Office, and finally the number to indicate the carat gold, or sterling silver. 925 is Sterling Silver        417 is 10ct Gold                585 is 14ct Gold. We make all our jewellery in house in our workshop, so you can be sure that it has been cast by us, and then driven by one of us into the Assay Office to be tested and marked, before being brought back to the workshop, finished, set, polished and packed, and then sent on its way to you to be worn and cherished. We hope you enjoy wearing our pieces, With Love Eve Turner & Joseph Harbourne