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Women's Clothing

Staying warm during those chilly days and evenings can be a lot easier to do when wearing items from our Irish women’s clothing collection. Ireland is known for its beautiful knit sweaters and cardigans and we have plenty of those on offer in a variety of colors and patterns. For those who love traditional Irish women’s clothing, you can also find stylish ponchos in solid colors or plaids, turtlenecks, tweed coats and Celtic style jackets. Many of our apparel items pair nicely with our selection of Irish handbags and wallets.

Cardigans, Sweatshirts, and Sweaters

The cardigan has become one of the most famous and popular clothing items in the world. The traditional Irish cardigan features a beautiful cable knit pattern that gives it texture and a cozy thickness that is hard to resist. Our women’s cardigans come in a range of styles that make it easy to fall in love with more than one style. Accents include large collars, buttons, zippers, and pockets. You may also find a sweatshirt or two among our offerings. Plus, there are stylish round, V-neck and turtleneck sweaters to wear with jeans or slacks.

Hoodies and Ponchos

Hoodies are popular with many women and our version of this classic outerwear jacket comes in the form of the hooded cardigan. These cardigans feature traditional Irish stitching and come in flattering colors that can be worn with a variety of tops and bottoms. And just like the Irish hoodie is a nice change of pace, so too is our selection of women’s ponchos. Often made of quality wool, the Irish poncho can be worn casually or dressy and it’s always fashionable.

Jackets and Sweater Coats

Wearing Irish pride while out and about is simple to do when you select any of our sporty jackets for women. These jackets are great for the active lifestyle and we offer them in sizes to fit most figures. The sweater coat is a stylish lightweight alternative to a heavier coat, and they are similar to the outerwear cardigan.

Women's Irish Clothing

Discover the timeless beauty and rich history of traditional Irish women's clothing, which showcases the unique charm of Irish culture. Women's Irish clothes are renowned for their elegant designs and exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting the vibrant traditions of the Emerald Isle. From the enchanting Aran sweaters to the iconic Donegal tweed, traditional Irish clothing provides both style and warmth for the discerning fashionista. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Irish clothing and experience the allure of traditional Irish women's clothing, which effortlessly combines the best of Ireland's heritage with contemporary fashion trends.