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Ghostly Tales to Read Before Halloween

Over the last few months here at Creative Irish Gifts Stories we’ve been sharing some of our favorite mythical tales. For example, did you catch our post on the Tales of T. Crofton Croker or our feature on Irish fairies? This week we’re continuing on with a roundup of ghostly tales—all with a touch of Irish influence or flair. Visit your local library or order one of these books to scare up some Halloween fun.


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Slipway Ghostly Encounters: A Ghost Ship Story from the Shipyard of the Titanic by Lila Rooney

This short read, which is available for Kindle download, is the tale of a shipyard worker in Belfast, who happens to be keeping watch over the most storied ship of all time, the Titanic. During his shifts we begins to voices from the river call after him, and the story unfolds quickly.


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Famous Irish Ghost Stories by Mairtin O’Griofa (Editor)

If you’re looking for a collection of short stories, try this volume. It is described as featuring a number of macabre tales from well-known authors—and may have you sleeping with the lights on in your room. And, as the name indicated, each haunting story has Irish ties.


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Fergus and the Night-Demon: An Irish Ghost Story

While the two tomes mentioned above may not be suitable for little ones, this tale was created with just the right amount of “spook” for kids. The small, illustrated book tells the tale of a young Irish boy who has to use brains, brawn, and a bit of humor to outsmart a giant ghost-like creature.