How to wear an Aran Sweater?

People have been admiring and wearing Aran sweaters since the 17th century. The style was invented by clans of Irish people living on the Aran Islands, near Ireland. These wool sweaters were originally hand-knitted for fishermen as a means of keeping them warm while at sea. Eventually, the sweater style grew so popular that people from every walk of life started wearing what is now popularly called the cable knit sweater. But the cable pattern is only one of the many traditional Aran patterns artistically crafted into the sweater design.

For those who are new to wearing this style, you may wonder how should an Aran sweater fit? A comfortable fit should feel good on the body and not too tight. We recommend following US body size guides for men and women, which includes XS, S, M, L, XL and 2X.

As for how to wear an Aran sweater, the following suggestions can help you put together unique stylish outfits with an Aran sweater and other pieces.

1. Choose Casual Bottoms

Traditionally, the Aran sweater is worn as a casual top and you can find many ways to create cool casual looks by pairing it with casual bottoms.

It Looks Great With Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate casual pants for men and women who want to look cool and feel comfortable in casual clothing. Most Aran sweaters look awesome with jeans and we provide some ideas on how to make the most of this pairing.

Dark colored jeans. Dark blue wash jeans and black jeans are guaranteed to make you look great when you pair any style of Aran sweater with either color.

Stone washed jeans. Stone washed jeans are a popular style choice for many who wear Aran sweaters. Take care to make sure the stonewashed color works well with the sweater color. No fuss dressing sweater colors are white, grey and blue. Some shades of brown may also work. Try to avoid an obvious color clash.

Relaxed fit pants. Roominess is the appeal for this casual pant style, making it a winning bottom choice for your warm, breathable wool sweater. Black, grey and khaki colors make easy-going sweater dressing a breeze.

Other Casual Bottoms

Here are a couple of alternatives to the above.

Leggings. Wear leggings with longer cardigans and ponchos for a change of style.

Shorts. Yes, you can wear Aran sweaters with shorts on days that are not chilly. Try a grey sweater with white shorts.

2. Wear It With a Skirt

Bring some feminine flair to your fall/winter outfits by wearing Aran sweaters with a skirt in a figure flattering length. They look good with jeans skirts, wool skirts and blended fabric skirts. Experiment with cable patterns and skirt styles.

3. Layer It With Shirts

You can choose among three popular shirt styles for a sure-fire winning layered look.

Button-down shirt. Create a classic layered look by wearing a button-down shirt underneath a cardigan, round neck or V-neck style sweater. For laid-back cool, leave the bottom of the shirt hanging out. White and blue shirts are must have colors.

T-shirt. Wear a black or white T-shirt underneath a button or zip closure cardigan.

Turtleneck. Create a sophisticated look with a white or black turtleneck underneath a V-neck sweater or cardigan.

4. Pair It With Plaid

Aran or cable-knit sweaters go beautifully with plaid bottoms and accessories and there are countless ways to enjoy this pairing. A white Aran sweater with a red plaid skirt is a winner for women. Guys can accessorize with a plaid scarf of any color.


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