Top Men's Irish Style Guide 2021

The men of Ireland have a traditional style of dress and a modern style of dress that stays true to their desire to look good, be practical and stay warm. If you want to infuse some of their favorite outfit pieces into your own style, it's a cinch to do because many of the Irishman's traditional clothing items have been transported to the U.S. and across the globe. In 2021, you can carry on the traditional Irish style by investing in certain classic pieces. Plus, you can add some sporty pieces for a fresh, updated casual style.

Classic Aran Sweater

The Aran sweater is one of the cornerstone pieces that defines the traditional men's Irish clothing style. It is also known as the Aran Island sweater or the cable knit sweater. This popular wool sweater originated in the Aran Islands, located just off the coast of Ireland, and it has been worn by generations of Irish men. Whether you prefer the crew neck or V-neck version, or both, cream or white are the most popular, and versatile colors.

Classic Cardigan

On days when you're not wearing your Aran sweater, you can opt for the classic men's cardigan, it's stylish alternative. This sweater typically has a textured pattern that looks good on most guys, and it's warm. The main difference between the two styles is that cardigans have button-down closures or zip closures, allowing you to easily remove it. Pair it with T-shirts, button-down shirts and turtlenecks.

Tweed Waistcoat

Men of all ages find the tweed waistcoat an indispensable item for creating many distinctive casual looks. This vest can easily be used to raise the casual style bar a notch or two when paired with a button-down shirt in a solid color or a jean shirt or shirt with an intriguing plaid pattern. Keep things casual by wearing it with jeans.

Coat of Arms Shirt

Connect to the Irish homeland in a fun and unique way by wearing a personalized shirt featuring a traditional coat of arms symbol and your family surname. It's a great shirt to wear on St. Patrick's Day and any day you feel like celebrating your Irish heritage.

Sporty Shirt

If you're a guy who is into sports, you can appreciate the casual good looks of a comfortable Irish sporty shirt. This is the kind of shirt that may be worn by fans of Irish football (soccer) and other sports such as rugby. Wear it with jeans, slacks, joggers or shorts as you kick back and enjoy a relaxing day watching your team play.

Personalized Vest

Step into any room with confidence and cool knowing you look stylishly modern in your personalized vest made of cozy fleece. A vest like this creates interest and gives you an easy-going sophisticated look without much effort. Slip it over a white, blue or grey button-down shirt for a business casual look.

Classic Irish Cap

Long ago, the men of Ireland decided that a cap made of warm wool, or tweed, was the best way to protect their head from the chill of blustery winds. When these men traveled across the ocean, they brought this great-looking cap with them, and the rest is Irish clothing style history.

Cool Irish T-shirt

If you're a guy who enjoys wearing colorful T-shirts that help you express your point of view, you can expand your collection to include an Irish tee. There are all sorts of tees you can choose for everyday wear, weekends or special occasions.

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