Top Irish Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

Mother's Day is a special day to express your appreciation for the mother in your life. This may be your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, or even your daughter who has children of her own. Gifts run the gamut from a card or just a phone call to precious jewels and other heartfelt gifts. There is nothing too small or too large. But some years you might want to go beyond the typical bouquet of fresh blooms, and Creative Irish Gifts has a few ideas that work whether your mother calls Ireland her home or just appreciates the Celtic-influenced symbols of the land.

A Small Token

Mother's Day is more about the thought and togetherness than the price tag. You don't have to spend a lot of money. That's why the go-to gift is often flowers. But there is so much more you can get for your mother than daisies or roses.

Small trinkets such as necklaces, bracelets or jewelry trays might even cost about the same as a dozen roses and will bring joy for so much longer. Your mother doesn't have to be of Irish descent to give her a Claddagh ring or Celtic knot pendant necklace, though if she is of Irish descent she will appreciate the symbol as part of her heritage. There are plenty of options that a heartfelt yet don't have a high price tag such as a shamrock-adorned necklace or Celtic Heart Trinity Pin.

It's not always about jewelry. Creative Irish Gifts has a selection of coffee mugs, skincare and accessories such as scarves among plenty of other items that make perfect gifts on this special day.

Some of these gifts are sweet little nothings given by children, while a mother might want to give a small gift to her daughter to commemorate her being a mother herself. Each gift is heartfelt and thoughtful.

Traditional Treasures

Some gifts are chosen for how they fit into a budget, and others are selected because they are the best item to give at a particular time. Traditional Irish brands have a lot to offer in the gift variety. There is jewelry with Celtic themes, but also Belleek pottery and Galway glass, among other items specially crafted in the Emerald Isles. Consider a Belleek Classic Flax Gift Box or Belleek Summer Flowers Basket. Both pieces - as well as other Belleek pottery are full of light floral designs on the characteristic ecru background and woven pottery work.

There are also numerous pieces of Galway glass that will make perfect Mother's Day gifts. A Galway vase such as the Renmore Vase is characteristic of Galway glass work, and a lovely vessel to keep a fresh bouquet.

Family Jewels

While there is inexpensive jewelry, there are some pieces more special that are worth splurging for on Mother's Day. Consider going in with siblings to give a birthstone ring with each of your stones. There are birthstone rings from two stones to seven stones. You can also find lovely Claddagh birthstone rings with a single stone for your mother's birth month.

Whatever you choose to give your mother on Mother's day, make sure you have time to order and ship the gift. Mother's day is Sunday, May 9th this year. Standard shipping from Creative Irish Gifts runs seven to 10 business days, plus processing time if you order a personalized gift such as a birthstone ring or a printed message. There are options for expedited shipping, however you can get free standard shipping for signing up for the Creative Irish Gifts email newsletter.


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