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3 Quick Day Trips From Dublin

3 Quick Day Trips From Dublin

Katie Rhodes |

As one of Ireland’s major hubs, travelers often start or end their journey in Dublin. However, your trip doesn’t have to revolve around the capital city. Make Dublin your home base and then explore the rest of the island with day trips to city sites, waterfronts, and parks. Here are three unique options:

Trip #1: Mahon Falls and County Waterford

Travel Time: Approximately 2 hours by bus, train, or car

What to Do: Walk along an easy trail that is suitable for all ages to see this stunning 80m waterfall. Not only can you enjoy its cascading beauty, you’ll also see the Comeragh Mountains, a natural display of Ireland’s beauty. What’s more, a number of festivals are held throughout the year, including film, arts, music, and holiday celebrations, in County Waterford.

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Trip #2: Belfast

Travel Time: Approximately 2 hours by bus, train, or car

What to Do: As the capital of Northern Ireland, there’s no shortage of fun and fare in Belfast. However, the most popular attraction is Titanic Belfast, a museum celebrating the history and mystique of the RMS Titanic, which was built in the city. You may also want to see the nearby “Salmon of Knowledge” or “The Big Fish” as it is more commonly known. This iconic blue-and-white fish is made from ceramic tiles that tell the city’s history. For restaurants and nightlife, head to the popular Cathedral Quarter area of town.

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Trip #3: Wicklow Mountains National Park 

Travel Time: 30 minutes by car

What to Do: This venture is so close to Dublin that you can even make the trip on a day when you are traveling in to or out of the hub—making valuable use of every second of your itinerary. The largest of Ireland’s six national parks, Wicklow covers an expanse of almost 50,000 acres, allowing you to take in the region’s streams, peaks, valleys, and wildlife at your own pace. The main goal of this park is conversation of both plants and animals, so it is of the utmost importance that visitors are respectful of the land. Based on your interests, choose from walking, hiking, a limited variety of watersports, climbing, and more.

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