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Shopping at Irish Creative Gifts can be fun and what could be more fun than browsing an entire collection of delicious Irish food gifts? We give you even more to feel good about with the addition of Irish beverages. Each item has been selected for its Irish authenticity, popular appeal and exceptional quality and taste. Among the choices are foods commonly enjoyed at breakfast or afternoon tea and mouthwatering snacks that are great to have any time of day. While you are gift shopping for others, consider picking up a few tasty items for your own enjoyment.

Irish Tea and Coffee

Enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon is a longstanding Irish tradition. However, you don’t have to be in Ireland to savor the aroma and flavor of authentic Irish tea. We offer a nice array of teas that can help you start, or continue, your own tea drinking traditions, including Irish breakfast tea and tea blended with Irish cream. As wonderful as tea is, we also offer Irish cream coffee for flavored coffee lovers.

Irish Treats

Every culture has its favorite treats and if you are wondering what kind of treats are popular in Ireland, we’ve selected some favorites. Along with a cup of tea, many Irish people love to snack on shortbread cookies. We found some that come in a cute decorative tin and they are delightful! Whipping up some Irish scones is also a pleasure with an easy-to-make scone mix, or perhaps, an Irish soda bread mix is preferred. Both go well with uniquely Irish marmalade. Between meals it’s fun to snack on spirited Irish chocolate candy or whiskey fudge.

Create a Gift Basket or Box

Imagine the joy you inspire when those on your gift list receive Irish food gift boxes created just for them. Let our food and drink collection provide you with delicious items to include in your box or basket. We suggest including one tea and one coffee (or two types of teas), one container of shortbread cookies, one bread mix and Irish toffee candy for a well-rounded food gift. You can add more items from this collection to expand its size.