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Glassware & Barware

Glassware & Barware Collection: Elevate Your Sipping Experience with Irish Elegance and Celtic Craftsmanship
Welcome to our premium Glassware & Barware Collection, where quality meets Irish charm. Perfect for everything from casual evenings to celebratory events, our hand-picked selections promise to elevate your sipping experience to new heights. With top-of-the-line items like the Galway Crystal Whiskey Set, Guinness Gravity Pint Set, and Belleek Shamrock Coaster Set, we offer something for every aficionado of fine drinks.

Belleek Shamrock Coaster Set
Protect your furniture without compromising on style with our Belleek Shamrock Coaster Set. Adorned with the iconic shamrock pattern, these coasters add a touch of Irish flair to your bar or tabletop.

Trinity Knot Coaster Set
Our Trinity Knot Coaster Set brings spiritual elegance to your glassware collection. The iconic Celtic Trinity Knot pattern transforms these coasters into a conversation piece as much as a functional item.

Galway Crystal Whiskey Set
Indulge in the sublime experience of Irish whiskey with our Galway Renmore Crystal Whiskey Set. The high-quality crystal design captures the essence of the beverage, offering you a refined drinking experience.

Galway Crystal Double Old Fashioned
When you prefer a classic touch, our Galway Renmore Crystal Double Old Fashioned glasses deliver. These crystal glasses provide a sturdy yet stylish way to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Trinity Knot and Shamrock Shot Glasses
Add some Irish enthusiasm to your shots with our Trinity Knot and Shamrock Shot Glasses. Whether it's a small gathering or a lively party, these shot glasses bring Celtic charm to the occasion.

Guinness Gravity Pint Set
For the lovers of the Black Stuff, our Guinness Gravity Pint Set is a must-have. Crafted to perfection, these pint glasses enhance the flavors and aromas of your Guinness, elevating each sip into an experience. Check out our personalized gravity pints for a customized touch.

Galway Whiskey Stones
Keep your whiskey chilled without dilution using our Galway Whiskey Stones. Simply freeze and add them to your glass for a cold, pure sip every time.

Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones
For a uniquely Irish touch, opt for our Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones. Mined from Ireland's ancient Connemara region, these stones offer an authentic Irish way to enjoy your whiskey.