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Tableware Collection: Elevate Your Dining Experience with Irish Elegance and Celtic Artistry
Welcome to our exquisite Tableware Collection, where timeless Irish craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Whether you're setting the table for an everyday meal or a special occasion, our range offers a wealth of options that infuse your dining experience with elegance and tradition. From Belleek Baskets and Galway Crystal Renmore Bowls to Shamrock Place Mats, we have something for every taste and setting.

Belleek Baskets
For an enduring symbol of Irish heritage, our Belleek Baskets weave together beauty and craftsmanship. These intricately designed Parian china baskets bring a touch of Irish elegance to your table or display cabinet.

Galway Crystal Renmore Bowl
If you're looking to add a luxurious touch to your table, consider the Galway Crystal Renmore Bowl. Crafted from high-quality Irish crystal, this bowl captures light in the most stunning way, adding sparkle to any dining setting.

Belleek Shamrock Tea Set
Embrace Irish tradition with our Belleek Shamrock Tea Set. Adorned with hand-painted shamrocks, this tea set from Belleek pottery infuses a sense of Irish luck and charm into your tea time.

Belleek Trinity Tea Pot
Our Belleek Trinity Tea Pot combines both function and form. The classic Trinity Knot design turns this teapot into an object of beauty, offering not just tea but also a dash of Irish symbolism to your table.

Belleek Claddagh Plate Sets
Celebrate love, friendship, and loyalty with our Belleek Claddagh Plate Sets. These plates feature the renowned Claddagh design, making them ideal gifts and statement pieces for your own table.

Belleek Claddagh Serving Bowl
Serve up a feast with our Belleek Claddagh Serving Bowl. Not only functional, this serving bowl is a meaningful centerpiece that speaks volumes of Irish heritage.

Belleek Celtic Lace Bowl
Our Belleek Celtic Lace Bowl brings an air of intricate sophistication to your table. Its delicate lace-like design is a testament to fine Irish craftsmanship.

Shamrock Place Mats
Complete your table setting with our Shamrock Place Mats. These mats bring a touch of Irish luck to each meal and add a vibrant splash of green that pairs well with a variety of tableware.