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Novelty Accessories

Novelty Accessories Collection: Infuse Your Everyday with a Dash of Irish Whimsy
Welcome to our Novelty Accessories collection, where the charm and magic of Ireland come alive in everyday items. Designed to put a smile on your face, this collection features everything from the luck of the Irish teddy bear, to quirky "Feck" bumper stickers. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking to add a Celtic touch with our Trinity knot golf towel and shamrock golf club covers, or someone seeking daily inspirations with our Connemara marble Irish lucky penny and wishing stone, our Novelty Accessories collection has something for everyone.

Luck of the Irish Teddy Bear
Meet your new cuddly companion, the Luck of the Irish Teddy Bear. Dressed in an Aran knit sweater and featuring a shamrock embroidered on its foot, this teddy is a perfect gift for children and adults alike.

Guardian Angel Visor Clip
Travel with celestial protection using our Guardian Angel Visor Clip. Designed to easily clip onto your car's visor, it serves as a constant reminder that you're watched over on your journeys.

Connemara Marble Irish Lucky Penny
Hold onto good fortune with the Connemara Marble Irish Lucky Penny. Made from genuine Connemara marble, this lucky penny is a unique keepsake that carries the spirit of the Emerald Isle with you.

Connemara Marble Wishing Stone
Make a wish the Irish way with our Connemara Marble Wishing Stone. Each stone is a one-of-a-kind piece of Ireland that helps you focus your intentions and hopes.

"Feck" Bumper Sticker
Show off your Irish sense of humor with our "Feck" bumper sticker. A fun and cheeky way to express yourself, this sticker is sure to turn heads and elicit smiles.

Celtic Trinity Knot Golf Towel
Keep your golf gear in top shape with our Celtic Trinity Knot Golf Towel. Featuring an elegant Trinity knot design, this towel adds a touch of Irish elegance to your golf outings.

Shamrock Golf Club Covers
Protect your clubs and make a statement on the golf course with our Shamrock Golf Club Covers. Made to fit most clubs, these covers bring Irish luck to your game.

Shop our Novelty Accessories collection to find these unique and fun products that capture the essence of Irish culture and humor. From the whimsical to the meaningful, our items are perfect for gifting or adding a sprinkle of Ireland to your everyday life.