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Belleek Pottery: Celebrating 160 Years of Quality

Belleek Pottery: Celebrating 160 Years of Quality

Katie Rhodes |

The year 2017 marks 16 decades of distinctive, detailed, and stunningly beautiful craftsmanship at Belleek Pottery. Read on to learn more about this company’s rich Irish tradition.

The Founding Father

John Caldwell Bloomfield founded Belleek Pottery in 1857 in Northern Ireland. It is said that he started the company’s tradition of excellence in the beginning by declaring that any piece with a flaw—or even the slightest imperfection—be broken and destroyed. This became—and still remains—the standard for all pieces.

The Crafting Process

An astonishing 16 artisans touch each piece of Belleek pottery before they are available to consumers. This is a process that has not changed much since the inception of the company. From the initial designs, which are produced to reflect Ireland as well as the potter’s heritage, through to the actual making of the piece and on to quality control, each step plays an important part in creating these distinctive pieces.

The Anniversary Collection

To mark celebration of 160 years, the potter has introduced the Belleek Archive Collection. Collectors around the globe seek to have pieces from this prized compilation, which includes sixteen pieces—all of which represent a different decade in the company’s history as well as a distinctive style. One of the more popular pieces (shown above) in the collection features an image of the Belleek building in the 1860s alongside today’s factory. Each one of these limited edition pieces is marked with a unique backstamp, indicating its inclusion in the collection.

Shop for Your Own Piece

Click here to browse numerous pieces of Belleek, including the Anniversary Collection mantel clock shown above.

Plan a Trip to Tour Belleek Pottery

Visit the pottery museum, tearoom, and more at the Belleek headquarters. Visit to plan your trip.