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Cross Your Heart

Still looking for the perfect gift for your valentine? Or maybe you want to update your home’s décor or your wardrobe. Either way, we’ve rounded up some of our most-beloved items featuring crosses to enjoy in your own home or give away to someone special this month. Cross our hearts, you’re sure to love these picks.

1/ Swarovski Dangling Cross Necklace

Your sweetheart is sure to love a beautiful sterling silver necklace featuring not only a trinity knot encrusted with Swarovski crystals but also the message “Keep the Faith.” She can wear it daily as a reminder of both her beliefs and your love.

2/ Irish Home Art Cross

This small decorative cross is a perfect hostess gift. It can be used as a wall hanging, hung on a doorknob, or even as an ornament during the holiday season. Shamrocks and the traditional “Bless this Irish Home” saying give it an Irish flair.

3/ Celtic Cross Carved Box

Wooden boxes can be both décor and storage solutions. Stash everything from loose change to jewelry in this rosewood version, which features a Celtic cross engraved on its lid.

4/ Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Ring

Made in Ireland, this classic signet-style ring features a Celtic cross rather than a monogram. The masculine look is a durable piece of jewelry that offers a way to celebrate your faith each day.

5/ Porcelain Celtic Cross Ornament

The words of the Irish Blessing grace this porcelain Celtic cross, which makes a perfect wall hanging. It’s a sweet sentiment for any time of year, but could be a beautiful ornament or could hang in a window year-round.

6/ Celtic Cross Visor Clip and Key Ring Set

They say you should never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. We say take a cross (or two!) with you wherever you go with this visor clip and key ring set featuring a Celtic cross.

7/ St. Brigid’s Cross Pendant

Celebrate one of the Ireland’s patron saints with a cross inspired by her. St. Brigid’s cross is said to be constructed from reeds that grow riverside. Here, it’s beautifully recreated in a silver version.

8/ Celtic Cross Holy Waterfront

A true fount of blessing—this holy water vessel features a beautifully crafted cross along the top and a basin below.