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Hello World! 3 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

Hello World! 3 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

Andrew Domerese |

If you’re lucky enough to know a little one who just arrived, you’re sure to want to celebrate him or her. While the tender moments of babyhood are fleeting, the thoughtfulness the family receives from loved ones leaves a lasting impression. If you have a new arrival, show him or her (and the parents) your love with one of these sweet ideas.

#1 Host a Sip and See

Open your home to a few of the family’s closest friends and relatives to give them all an opportunity to meet the bundle of joy. Serve sweet treats and tea while everyone oohs and ahhs over the babe. This can be an especially good idea when one or both of the parents live outside of their hometown and want to come home to introduce baby. It’s also a good idea to wait until the baby is at least eight weeks old, giving both parents and baby time to adjust.

#2 Give a Lasting Gift

There are so many necessities that come with a baby’s arrival, and while items such as clothing and diapers are extremely useful, they will come and go. Show your love for the newest addition with a gift that can be kept—and even passed down to a second generation. Give a silver spoon that features a shamrock on its tip for baby to take his or her first cereal. If you want to encourage saving from the start, give the little one a classic Belleek Shamrock Piggy Bank. Both can be a subtle nod to the baby’s Irish heritage and are sure to be cherished for years to come.

#3 Give Mom & Dad the Night Off

When you’re a new parent, there are few things more appreciated than a night off. Call the pair to see if you can help out by doing baby duty one night or afternoon. When you arrive, surprise the couple with a gift card (or a packed picnic basket) and let them enjoy a few moments of time together. If you’re ambitious, go the extra mile and do some light housekeeping or a load of laundry.