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Holiday Sunshine: How to Deck Your Halls for a Dazzling Christmas in July!

Holiday Sunshine: How to Deck Your Halls for a Dazzling Christmas in July!

Matthew Mariani |

Why Wait for December? Celebrate Christmas in July!

When the July sun is shining, why not add some Christmas cheer to the mix? Christmas in July is the perfect opportunity to relive the festive season. Picture this: your home is adorned with Santa statues, Santa hats, nutcrackers, and twinkling Christmas ornaments, while you sip on a cool beverage from your favorite Christmas mug. Get started on creating this magical summer holiday!


Santa Statues: Bringing Christmas Magic to Summer

No Christmas celebration, whether in December or July, is complete without Santa Claus. Place Santa statues around your home and garden. Opt for Santa in sunglasses or a Hawaiian shirt to give him a summer makeover!


Nutcrackers: The Timeless Guards of Festivity

Nutcrackers are synonymous with Christmas. Add them to your mantelpiece, shelves, or as table centerpieces. Choose vibrant colors that complement the summer season.


Christmas Ornaments: Deck the Halls (and Your Patio!)

Adorn your Christmas tree, and don’t forget the patio! Opt for Christmas ornaments that reflect the joy of both Christmas and summer - think baubles in the shape of suns, flip flops, and beach balls.


Nativity Set: The Heart of Christmas

A nativity set is central to the Christmas story. Display one in your living room to remind everyone of the origins of Christmas. For Christmas in July, you could choose a set with a slightly whimsical touch.


Scrumptious Christmas Treats

Serve some traditional Christmas treats like gingerbread cookies, or get creative with Christmas-themed popsicles and summer fruit salads.


Christmas Tea Towels: Festive Functionality

Make your kitchen a part of the celebration with Christmas tea towels. They’re practical and add a touch of festivity. Opt for designs with Santa, reindeers, or even a beach-themed Christmas print.


Stockings: Not Just for the Fireplace

Hang stockings around the house or even outside. Stockings aren't just for the fireplace! Fill them with summer treats like sunglasses, sunscreen, or small water guns for a refreshing twist.


Unwrap Joy with Christmas in July

Celebrate Christmas in July with a blend of traditional and summery elements. From Santa statues and nutcrackers to Christmas ornaments and tea towels, this celebration will be unforgettable. Embrace the warmth of the season and the joy of Christmas in this unique mid-year festivity. And who knows? This might become your new annual tradition!

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