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How the World Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Ireland may host the mother of all St. Patrick’s Day celebrations but cities around the globe, especially those with an Irish heritage or population, take part in the festivities. Here are a few notable cities that go all out for the holiday.

Dublin, Ireland

Come March 17th, both reverence and revelry abound in Ireland’s capital city. Cathedrals hold communion and commemoration events to mark the life of their patron saint, while Irish stout is served throughout the city for merrymakers. Dublin actually dedicates four entire days (five, this year) to the most well-known—and celebrated—holiday in the country. This is known as St. Patrick’s Festival and includes a range of events for all ages. Find more info at

London, United Kingdom

Similar to Dublin, London hosts an extended St. Patrick’s Day celebration that spans three days. Held in Trafalgar Square, the London St. Patrick’s Day Festival features Irish song, dance, food, culture, arts—and, of course, a parade. Now in its 16th year, the festival brings together a crowd of more than 125,000 to celebrate the saint.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Everyone goes green for St. Patrick’s Day, including the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that stands tall over this South American city. In addition to the greening of this monument, celebrations take place at Irish pubs, event venues, and civic organizations throughout the city.

Savannah, Georgia, United States

In the United States, especially the South, Savannah has become nearly synonymous with the celebration of March 17th.  River Street, which appropriately runs along the edge of the Savannah River, is the place to be for music, food, drinks, and taking in the city. City Market, another popular hangout hub that is located in the historic district, also offers art, live music, eats, and more to celebrate the holiday. Don’t miss taking a peek at the city’s fountains, which are all dyed green for the occasion, including the iconic Forsyth Fountain in Forsyth Park.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

When Savannah greens their fountains, Chicagoans green their river. Each year, 400,000 people gather to dye the Chicago River on March 17th. While the coloring doesn’t last long, only about five hours according to a city website, the party continues with a jam-packed parade, numerous independent celebrations, and green lights across much of the city.

Vancouver, Canada

Finally, if you’re looking for a celebration that spans more than a few days check out Canada’s CelticFest, which is held in Vancouver. Now in its 14th year, CelticFest celebrates the heritage of the Celts through music, dance, food, film, spoken word, and community togetherness. The three-week celebration culminates in a highly anticipated St. Patrick’s Day parade held on the last day of the festival, March 17th. For more info, visit

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