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The Legend of the Lucky Black Bog Cat

The Legend of the Lucky Black Bog Cat

Katie Rhodes |

If you're wondering, "Are black cats lucky," the answer is that it depends on where you're from. If you happen to be Irish, you may have heard the legend of the Lucky Black Bog Cat. If not, get ready for a great story…

It is believed that the Bog Cat prowled the shores of Lough Neah, surviving on whatever it could find, from insects to small animals. This black cat was swift and cunning, and it was also reported to be fairly large in size-much larger than a regular housecat. The legend of this black cat said that if you were to run across it, you would be rewarded with happiness and wealth.

Black Cats and Superstitions

The legend of the Lucky Black Bog Cat, of course, is much different than the belief many cultures have about black cats. When it comes to black cats in mythology, they are often associated with Halloween or witchcraft, particularly in Western cultures.

In fact, some stories go all the way back to the Greeks when it was believed that Hera transformed a servant into a black cat to punish her for interfering with the birth of Hercules. This servant then went on to become an assistant to Hecate, who is the goddess of witchcraft. From there, the symbolism of black cats has taken on unique and often superstitious meanings.

The Luck of Irish Black Cats

Black cats have gotten a bad rap throughout history and within certain cultures, but not everyone in the world believes they're bad luck. If you're Irish, you know that the Bog Cat can bring you fortune and joy. You may not be able to travel to Ireland for a glance at this elusive creature, but you can have it delivered to your home. For other unique Irish gifts, shop our site today!