Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Gifts to Bring Goodluck

Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Gifts to Bring Goodluck

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Top 7 Good Luck Gifts for St. Patrick's Day

By Creative Irish Gifts

A picture containing person, toy Description automatically generatedPerhaps it all began with America's Gold Rush era of the late 1800s, when the words "luck of the Irish" were uttered about the lucky Irish Americans who discovered pots of gold.

Perhaps it all began with much earlier stories and folklore about the luck of leprechauns known to successfully hide their pots of gold at the ends of rainbows.

What our experts on all things Irish at Creative Irish Gifts know for certain is that there are hundreds of ways to express a good luck wish with a decidedly Irish accent - especially for St. Patrick's Day. Because seven is a lucky number, here is our Top 7 list of good luck gifts for St. Patrick's Day:

Lucky Pennies on St. Patrick's Day

An Irish Penny Watch from Creative Irish Gifts comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity to confirm the use of a real Irish penny as the face. This handsome wristwatch has a premium leather wristband. For her, consider an Irish Penny Necklace

Lucky St. Pat's Day Tokens

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Carrying a special token in your pocket or purse for good luck is a favorite among the Irish, Irish-Americans and all those who believe in the luck of the Irish.

At Creative Irish Gifts, find an exclusive set of five lucky Irish tokens. Each pewter token, 1 in. in diameter, is embossed with a different Irish symbol for good luck.

On the back of each, find a favorite saying about love and luck. One reads: "May love and laughter light your days." Another reads: "May the luck of the Irish be with you."

Lucky Irish Toys

Kids of all ages love toys, which makes lucky Irish toys a lucky gift on St. Patrick's Day (or any occasion). At Creative Irish Gifts, you'll find lucky teddy bears, lucky whistles and lucky leprechaun train toy trinkets. Each hand painted toy train car carries a leprechaun - for luck!

Our miniature lucky bear declares himself a lucky charm with a small cloth banner beneath a jaunty bow tie on this popular little stuffed animal teddy bear with emerald green nose. Bring luck to a child or grownup friend with this cuddly, lucky toy.

Shamrocks for Luck

Long before the era of St. Patrick, ancient peoples believed that carrying shamrocks in your pocket would ward off evil. Today, we carry good-luck Irish shamrocks in our pockets, display them in our homes or wear them on our apparel.

A picture containing green, wooden, plant, gift wrapping Description automatically generatedShop Creative Irish Gifts for shamrock hats, shamrock T-shirts and shamrock-theme gifts to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and every other special occasion on your calendar.

We have unique shamrock shot glasses, shamrock throws and shamrock scarves.

Lucky Horseshoes with Irish Accents

Horseshoes are considered lucky in countries around the world. For St. Patrick's Day, look for horseshoe designs on T-shirts and hats. Add a lucky horseshoe to a charm bracelet.

Lucky Trinity Knots

For the good luck that comes with a long life, the Celtic trinity knot that represents longevity is a lucky symbol from Ireland that you'll seen displayed on jewelry, shirts, hats and scarves on St. Patrick's Day.

Wear a colorful pair of Irish trinity knot earrings in the green, white and orange colors of Ireland's flag to that next St. Pat's Day party or St. Patrick's Day parade. Find dozens of Trinity knot-designs in our home and garden collections.

Bunches of Lucky Symbols

If one symbol is lucky, consider collecting bunches of lucky symbols for St. Patrick's Day. Wear a lucky shamrock T-shirt with a lucky horseshoe bracelet and Celtic trinity knot hat.

An Irish charm ankle bracelet from Creative Irish Gifts has Trinity knot, shamrock and claddagh charms for lots of year-round luck.