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Top Claddagh Christmas Gifts for 2021

Top Claddagh Christmas Gifts for 2021


The Claddagh is one of Ireland's most well-known and valuable symbols. Two hands encircling a crown-adorned heart represent the purity of a treasured connection - friendship (cairdeas), love (grá) and loyalty (dlseacht). While Claddagh is most commonly associated with rings, the origin of the Claddagh began in a place called County Galway, where a fisherman-turned-goldsmith represented the eternal love for his woman by creating a renowned band of gold. Giving a gift that features the Claddagh enforces the strong bond that you and the recipient share. Luckily, Creative Irish Gifts houses dozens of various Claddagh items, from jewelry to dinner plates.

It is only right to get a gift that follows the tradition of the Claddagh symbol, which is why our first Irish Claddagh gift recommendation is the Claddagh and Celtic Ring. This lovely ring features a 14 kt. gold Claddagh symbol inside of a Celtic inspired sterling silver band. As it is dainty and feminine, this ring is the perfect Claddagh gift for her. While the origins of Claddagh show a man giving a gold band to a woman, who says it can't be the other way around? The Sterling Claddagh Celtic Men's Ring is a stately ring that will remind your man of the undying commitment and love you have for him. A raised Claddagh symbol is seen on the face of the ring, with the true meaning of Claddagh inscribed on the inside.

Creative Claddagh Gifts

However, Claddagh does not only have to be about gifting jewelry. Not everyone is a fan of jewelry, and luckily Creative Irish Gifts provides other types of Claddagh gifts. The Belleek Claddagh Mug Pair is a wonderful way to share the love with your significant other, without all of the flashiness of a ring. In fact, these mugs are made out of the same brand of China enjoyed by Queen Victoria. Be reminded of the special bond you both have every time you take a sip of coffee or tea. Great with biscuits!

Another wonderful option is our Claddagh Pillow, which features a colored Claddagh design stitched on top of a tufted pillow. Whether on the couch or the bed, this pillow will always remind you of your significant others bright personality. Features a 100% wool front, and 100% cotton back.

Be reminded of your loved one with every gust of wind with the Claddagh Windchime. This stunning piece includes a large Claddagh symbol with is message of love, friendship and loyalty hanging below it. This windchime is made from a solid bronze and gold and is a sweet addition to any Irish porch.

Christmas is a wonderful time to share with your significant other, with lots of memories and emotions to be shared, and the gift of the Claddagh will reinforce the sturdy bond that you have built up over time. Sometimes your significant other may forget how much you love and appreciate them being in your life, and the Claddagh will remind them off these feelings with every glance.