Top Irish Gifts to Decorate Your Garden

Top Irish Gifts to Decorate Your Garden


Add Green to Any Garden with Irish Garden Gifts

Ireland is often called the Emerald Isles not because it's rich with the precious stones of emeralds, but because in the warmer months, it greens up and glows like an emerald. Grass and other vegetation take on the brilliant greens that give the country its nickname.

The country is also known for its manicured gardens that compliment charming Irish cottages. In addition to plants, Irish gardens often feature playful ornaments such as leprechaun statues and fanciful fairy gardens.

Statues and Stones

Statues are an easy way to add some personality to any garden. If you're looking for an Irish theme to a statue or ornament, there are plenty of options. While the Leprechaun Digging Solar Statue isn't carrying a pot of gold, he's on theme for the garden with his shovel, and has the quaint benefit of lighting up a path at night.

Religion has an organic life in Ireland, and it is common to have a statue with a religious theme such as the Celtic Kneeling Angel Garden Statue or May Angels Stone. Shamrocks and animals often make an appearance as garden statues such as with the Hedgehog with Shamrocks piece made from a sturdy dolomite resin. There are so many options you are sure to find the right statue for a gift.

Ornaments and Banners

Not all garden adornments are statues. There are many garden ornaments, and some make use of the environment. Wind chimes are a darling gift. The Trinity Knot Wind Chime can hang from a tree, eaves or other overhang and play soft music every time the wind blows. Garden spinners are fun. They are supported by a stake in the ground and feature opposing wheels that turn at different directions and rates in the wind. The Shamrock Garden Spinner certainly shows some Irish pride no matter which way the wind blows. The Shamrock Hanging Solar Lantern is another garden charm that hangs from a high branch or overhang and lights up the night with an ethereal glow.

Flags and banners are another way to express your Irish custom in the garden. While you can get an Irish flag to fly, you can also have more fun with a playful Leprechaun Irish Flag or other small canvas.