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Who Was St. Patrick?

Who Was St. Patrick?

Katie Rhodes |

The name St. Patrick is almost synonymous with Ireland. Thumb through the pages of any Irish history or culture book, and you’ll likely see a mention of him in numerous places. Who was this man? And why did he have such a lasting imprint on Irish culture?

He Started as a Slave

St. Patrick was born Maewyn Succat in the latter half of the 4th century, most likely in Scotland or Wales; there are conflicting reports. His parents were Romans living in British territory. During his teen years, he was captured, kidnapped, and taken to Ireland to become a slave. Ironically, it was during this period—in a heavily pagan place—that he began to open his eyes to and rely on the Christian religion that he had been introduced to by his family but had shown little interest in previously. He spent six years in captivity. During this time, he is thought to have tended sheep and spent a great deal of time in prayer. Following a dream he had, he escaped and was reunited with his family.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ireland

He Became a Priest and Saint

After his escape, he continued his in faithfulness to Christianity. He eventually became a priest and later a bishop. Soon he had another vision. This time he felt he was being called back to Ireland to share the Christian faith. He followed the dream and spent four decades traveling the island and teaching the people about Jesus. He often used shamrocks, which are abundant in the Irish countryside, to explain the holy trinity, hence they are now forever connected with him. While the year of his death is debatable, it is known that he passed away on March 17. Thus, the day is now celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day, both in Ireland and around the world.

St. Patrick Statue

To honor the faith, contributions and history of St. Patrick, consider a beautiful token in his image. Placed in your garden, a sunny window, or a treasured spot in your home, any of them is sure to remind you of Ireland’s patron saint, and the message that he is best known for sharing with the Irish people.

Invite St. Patrick’s love and protection into your garden in this intricate statue with detailed knotwork. 7½” W x 26½” H x 5” D.

St. Patrick Figure

Made of stone and resin mix, this St. Patrick figure is 3″ L x 3½” W x 8¼” H.

St. Patrick Glass Pane

Beautiful hanging glass featuring the visage of St. Patrick holding an open book with St. Patrick’s prayer. Trimmed in silver metal with a chain hanger. 8.27″L x 5.98″W.

St. Patrick Figurine

Here St. Patrick is depicted here as a bishop, wearing a miter and carrying his crosier. Resin/Stone. 5″ W x 14″ H x 4¼” D.