Baby Gifts Collection

When you need a special gift for a newborn or infant baby you can count on Creative Irish Gifts for a selection of high-quality Irish baby gifts. Here is where you can find an assortment of gift ideas for baby showers, for marking the occasion of a baby’s birth, for holiday gift-giving, and any other first in a baby’s life. Meanwhile, you can browse here for baby gifts that are decorative and memorable today, and long into the future.

Frames for Keepsake Photos

A photo captures a moment in time and because babies grow so quickly, there are some photos that are forever cherished by the family. This is why giving a baby, or a baby’s parents, a lovely Irish photo frame is such a thoughtful gift. The right photo paired with the right frame creates a treasured moment to display and enjoy throughout the years. Or you may already have a photo in mind from your collection of pictures. Make your frame gift even more special by placing a photo you took inside of a frame you choose from this collection.

Booties and Rompers

Booties are always a popular, and much appreciated, baby gift and if you’re looking for Irish baby booties, we’ve got you covered. Booties go great with any of our adorable Irish rompers, so consider adding one or two rompers along with our booties.

Other Gift Ideas

Find other great gift ideas for babies, even if you’re not sure of what to get. Sometimes you may question what type of gift is appropriate for an event.

Example: Is the Irish blessing appropriate to give for a christening gift?

If you don’t know the answer, consider an alternative gift such as acute Irish prayer bear or classic Irish teddy bear. Or help lull baby to sleep with a music box which plays a soothing Irish lullaby.