Connemara Whiskey Stones
Connemara Whiskey Stones
Connemara Whiskey Stones


Connemara Whiskey Stones

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When you’re searching for the perfect way to keep your drinks cool without watering them down, Connemara Whiskey Stones provide the perfect solution. These stones are made of 100% genuine Connemara marble that keeps your whiskey cold throughout the evening. Just rinse off the stones and place back in the freezer and they'll be ready when you need them next! Made in Ireland, these whiskey stones come with an attractive green pouch adorned with a shamrock, making them an ideal gift. Enhance your next drinking experience with Connemara Whiskey Stones, and enjoy a cool sip of your favorite whiskey without diluting its flavor.

Set of 4.

1" cubes. 

Made in Ireland.

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