Irish Green: What Does It Mean?

When you think of Ireland or the Irish, green likely comes to mind—and there’s good reason for that. From traditional shamrocks to hue-tinted St. Patrick’s Day treats, the color seems to appear everywhere. Have you ever wondered why? Here are a few of the top reasons why Ireland will have you seeing green.

The Countryside

Nicknamed “The Emerald Isle,” Ireland’s landscape is, well, green. The rolling landscape seems to be filled with every range of the color from light pea-green shades to rich jade hues. With the countryside being filled with the color, it’s only natural that it would carry over into all the things Irish.

The Shamrock

The aforementioned landscape no doubt contains a seemingly infinite amount of shamrocks. These first became noteworthy when St. Patrick used shamrocks to explain the holy trinity to the Celts in an effort to convert them to Catholicism. Since that time they have become a badge of Irish pride, thus their brilliant green can be seen wherever they are used.

The Flag

The green in Ireland’s tricolor flag is meant to represent Ireland’s Catholic heritage and nationalism, while the orange represents the protestant minority. The white between the two represents peace. Thus, the green is a source of pride, making it all the more popular.

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