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Irish Green: What Does It Mean?

All Things Green

When it's St. Patrick's Day, green is the color of choice for apparel, beverages, décor and more. Fans of all things Ireland are so committed to the cause; they have been known to threaten to pinch the poor lad or lass not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day.

American cities, some with large Irish-American populations and some with hardly any Irish-Americans in residence, will show off all things green on St. Patrick's Day - from dyed green beer in Chicago to downtown waterways dyed green in San Antonio.

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Irish Green: What Does it Mean?

When you think of Ireland or the Irish, green likely comes to mind, and there's good reason for that. From traditional shamrocks to St. Patrick's Day treats, the color seems to appear everywhere. Have you ever wondered why? Here are a few of the top reasons why even the thought of Ireland will have you seeing green.

As Green as the Countryside

Nicknamed "The Emerald Isle," Ireland's landscape is, well, green. The rolling landscape seems to be filled with every range of the color, from light pea-green shades to rich jade hues. Rains are responsible.

With a temperate maritime climate, rain is common on the island, turning the countryside green. It's only natural that it would carry over into all things Irish.

Shamrocks Everywhere

Shamrocks love rain, which is why you'll find them dotting yards, paths, cliffs and roadsides throughout the Emerald Isle.

Legend has it that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used the three leaves of a young clover, or shamrock, to explain the holy trinity to the Celts in an effort to convert them to Catholicism. Since that time, they have become a badge of Irish pride.

Ireland's Flag

The green in Ireland's tricolor flag is meant to represent Ireland's Catholic heritage and nationalism, while the orange represents the Protestant minority. The white between the two represents peace between Catholics and Protestants.

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