The Father's Day Gift Guide

The Father's Day Gift Guide

Katie Rhodes |

He taught you how to ride a bicycle and later how to drive (scary as it was!). He has been there to cheer you on at soccer games, graduations, and promotions, and also pick you up during the hard times. Our dads mean the world to us. Show him how much you care this Father’s Day with a gift that is perfectly tailored to him.

If He Likes…Working with Gadgets

He’ll Love…An Irish Multi-Tool

If your dad is the “always-be-prepared” type, you can’t go wrong with a gift that keeps a knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, Phillips-head screwdriver, and more at his fingertips. This one is extra special because it also gives him the opportunity to showcase his Irish pride.

If He Likes…Hiking or Walking Through the Woods

He’ll Love…Blackthorn Walking Stick

Made from wood from Ireland’s blackthorn bushes, this walking stick can be both a memento and a practical tool. This particular version features a century-old design. Each three-foot stick is made from unique pieces, thus they all have their own natural variations and character.

If He Likes…Staying on Schedule

He’ll Love…A Celtic Design Pocket Watch

If he has an appreciation for classic design and historical pieces, your dad is sure to like the beauty and simplicity of this pocket watch. While the modern world may use phones and computers to track time, pocket watches have a special “timeless” allure that will continue to make them a favorite gift for years to come.

If He Likes…Drinking Beer

He’ll Love…This Guinness Bottle Opener and Catcher

When he’s enjoying a cold, smooth Guinness at home there’s nothing easier than using this bottle opener and cap catcher set. The shiny brass bottle opener mounts right to the wall above the metal cap catcher. Both are emblazoned with the Guinness logo so there’s no mistaking the house beer brand.

If He Likes…Indulging His Sweet Tooth

He’ll Love…Butlers Irish Whiskey Fudge

It’s his special day, so he deserves a treat—and there’s nothing like the taste of this smooth fudge that features a hint of Irish Whiskey. While you’re at it, give him permission to have more than one to celebrate!