Top Irish Christmas Gifts for Women

Top Irish Christmas Gifts for Women


Christmas is near, which means it is finally time to start thinking about your holiday shopping. An Irish Christmas is a warm and joyful Christmas, and the Christmas collection from Creative Irish Gifts will only help you add to the warmth and wonder. Judging by the fact that you are here, you are likely looking for a gift for one of the special women in your life. You're in luck, as Creative Irish Gifts has many products that are tailored to all types of women.

Beauty Lovers

Our first recommendation is the lovely 10K Gold Trinity Knot Necklace. In a single, uninterrupted line that forms three points, the Trinity depicts the rich heritage of Celtic traditions. This stunning 18" necklace is made from a quality 10K gold that will surely stand the test of time. The first time your special woman sees this one-of-a-kind necklace, you'll see a gleam and excitement in her eyes that can only come from seeing gold! Pair this necklace with the 10K Gold Trinity Earrings, which create a matching set.

While the gifts above are obviously quite beautiful, not every woman is a fan of jewelry (believe it or not). Luckily, Creative Irish Gifts is ripe with other gift ideas that are just as good. From Christmas ornaments to Celtic Trinity License Plates, we truly have it all! Try our Innisfree Perfume Spray, which is great for the perfume-lovers out there. This fragrance delicately blends top notes of Lily of the Valley and lavender with hints of rose, jasmine and iris, to create an unmistakably Irish perfume from Fragrances of Ireland in County Wicklow.

Creative Irish Gifts also provides extremely high-quality wine glasses that are inspired by Ireland's rich history. The Galway Longford Stemwaref is inspired by County Longford, which was the name of a Viking town settled in the middle of Ireland. These lovely wine glasses come in a set of two, making them ideal for toasting to the fantastic memories you both shared. For those interested, Creative Irish Gifts loves to create personalized apparel and accessories. You have the ability to add custom messages and pictures to most of these items, which makes the gift all the more special!

Personalized Gifts

Our First Name Meaning Framed item is a fantastic and meaningful Irish gift for women. Simply enter the name of your loved one when ordering to personalize this lovely magnetic picture frame. The finished product will educate you and your loved one on the local origin and meaning of their name. This frame is totally magnetic, as previously mentioned, allowing the image to sit exactly without being altered in any way. We also provide personalized apparel, which is great for the Irishwomen who are proud of their last names. Personalized gifts often mean a lot more to the receiver, as more thought and care is required.

Irish women deserve to be treated for the hard work and dedication they bring to this planet. If you don't think she would be interested in the items listed above, Creative Irish Gifts has dozens more. Some of these gifts include seasonal items, home decor, knives, apparel and much, much more.

The Irish culture is filled with meaningful mementos and traditions that must be passed down for generations to come, and Creative Irish Gifts aims to do just that.