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Top Irish Fairy Tales to Teach Your Children

Humans have been telling stories since they discovered how to communicate. Before having speech, they would share tales through pictures. Once language was developed, fables would be passed from one generation to the next, or storytellers would travel from village to village sharing information.

One of the earliest forms of stories was fairy tales. While these narratives were meant to be entertaining, their goal was also to teach a lesson. They could appeal to adults and kids alike, but children were often the intended audience, as they needed to learn skills that would help them grow into adulthood.

Irish Fairy Tales for Kids

Every culture has fairy tales they tell their kids. Often, they are unique to the region or way of life. When it comes to the top Irish fairy tales you should be teaching your children, you might consider telling them about the following.

The Importance of Samhain

One story that kids may find intriguing is that of Samahain. Today, we know this festival as Halloween, but the origins are deeply rooted in the customs of Ireland. Informing kids about why the ancient peoples celebrated this holiday and the meaning behind the festivities will broaden their horizons and give them insight into how this holiday has impacted people throughout time.

The Legend of Irish Wolfhounds

Most kids love dogs, so they would probably really like to hear how Irish wolfhounds were an incredibly important part of ancient society. Not only are they some of the largest dog breeds in the world, but these animals were held with such high esteem that only certain people were allowed to own them.

Kids will love learning about how these dogs were used to protect lands and livestock, as well as being an integral part of battles. They were so strong, they could pull men from horse back! Irish wolfhounds are loyal companions and savage warriors, and they helped shaped Irish society.

Becoming Aware of Changelings

For the Irish, fairies were part of their daily lives - and they weren't the cute sprites we see in movies and books today. In fact, they were quite tricky and would often exchange their children for human babies without parents knowing. Being informed about fairies and their malicious motives is another way to teach kids about the world and keep them vigilant about who and what they might encounter.

The Land of Youth

Another fairy tale that permeated Irish mythology is that of Tír na nÓg. The individuals who lived in this land were blessed with good looks, eternal youth, happiness and health. Humans weren't allowed to venture into the place, as it was the home of fairies and ancient gods. Although, every so often, a human was invited to live in this space.

While this may seem like a dream come true for many, there is a price to be paid. Irish fairy tales about Tír na nÓg warn people that what seems too good to be true probably is.

Stories Full of Lessons

People, especially kids, love listening to stories. There's something magical about hearing about faraway lands, fairies and loyal companions. Not only can narratives be entertaining, but they can teach lessons as well. Irish fairy tales have the ability to keep kids' attention and make sure they have the necessary skills to live a successful life.

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