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Unique Christening Gifts for a Baby Girl

Having a baby can be an incredibly miraculous moment, but things become even more thrilling when that baby girl is ready to start her religious journey and become closer to God. When it comes to unique christening gifts for a baby girl, you want to find something that will be memorable and capture the significance of the moment.

Christening Gifts for a Baby Girl that is Unique

If you are looking for christening gifts for a baby girl that will help capture the moment and make it memorable for her and her parents, you might consider getting one of the options listed below.

A Knitted Beanie

The baby won't be able to wear the beanie during the christening ceremony, but it could be a great option for after. Although the baby's head won't be soaked with holy water, it may be just enough to send a chill through her tiny body. A knitted beanie will keep her comfortable and warm.
In addition to keeping the baby's head warm, you might also consider getting some knitted socks. By matching the beanie and the socks together, you can complement her christening outfit while also keeping her cozy.


Jewelry is a good option to gift a child for their christening ceremony, but they may not be able to wear it for a while. The right piece can still capture the importance and religious significance of the moment and be something the child cherishes later in life.

Some options you might consider include a cross necklace. This is the ultimate symbol of faith and the individual's continuing journey to be closer to God. If you want the necklace to stand out and have people take notice, then you might consider getting one with green highlights. For something that's more traditional but still awe inspiring, you can get a necklace in silver.

Another option you might consider to mark this momentous occasion is to get the baby a necklace with a guardian angel. This is a perfect way to allow the child to remember the day they came into God's grace and remind her that someone is always looking out for her.

Personalized Items

When it comes to unique christening gifts for a baby girl, you might consider getting them a personalized item. Not only can you add their names, but you can also have the date when the ceremony took place.

Blankets are good choice, and you might consider gifting this to the family before the christening occurs. That way, they can wrap their child in this item and make it even more special.

You might also consider getting a personalized picture frame. This allows the family to have photographic evidence of the christening that can be cherished for years to come. If the family is memorializing the christening through video that will be placed on a DVD, then you should consider getting a personalized DVD holder.

The Best Christening Gifts

A christening is an important moment for the baby and the family involved. Finding the best gift that benefits the family and their child means finding something meaningful and unique. At Creative Irish Gifts, we have a large selection of items to choose from. Browse our selection to find the perfect gift today!