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Learn more about Ireland and get deeper into Irish heritage by embracing our collection of Irish cultural books and games. This is a collection that allows you, and your gift recipients, to explore the culture in the comfort of home and continue to be inspired by Ireland’s people, cultural lore, symbols and traditions. There are items here that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and adults, and by entire families. Most of these items are highly collectible and some items may inspire you, and others, to dream, collect memories, go on adventures and write them down for posterity. The Irish have a rich history, and you can help keep Ireland’s culture alive by enjoying and gifting these items.

One of the best ways to learn about Ireland is by reading Irish books that reveal various aspects about its history and culture. Whether you plan on visiting Ireland in the near future, or if you’re curious about learning more and wish to share this knowledge with others, we offer various books that educate and enlighten. A travel guidebook can inform you about all of the best places to go when visiting while providing scenic pictures. Other books provide insight into Ireland’s long and storied history. And then there are books that entertain with folklore and fictional stories.

Many older children may enjoy a fun activity book or playing an Irish version of a popular board game