Books & Toys Collection

Shamrocks and other lucky Irish charms make the best trinkets for the little ones. Pick up piggy banks, teddy bears, baseballs, and games to entertain the kids in your life. Kids of all ages love to get gifts. They'll cherish whatever you bring them, and each gift will increase their interest in Ireland and its heritage.


Piggy banks, jewelry boxes, and musical wind-up toys are a great present. Banks will encourage saving, of course, and other display items make learning about the Irish culture interesting. You can have a conversation about Ireland beyond shamrocks.


A toy car or buggy painted in the colors of the Ireland flag can do more than provide a toy for a child to play with, but offers a flavor of the old country. These toys are sure to become a child's favorite.


Reading is a great fundamental activity for kids. Reading material including stories about Ireland or books that illustrate the history and beauty of the country are great starts to encourage reading and learning about Irish culture.


Teddy bears are a classic for kids of any age, even if they say they've grown out of playing with stuffed animals. A teddy bear wearing an Aran sweater - a signature statement of the Emerald Isles - or other adornment, has character that will carry over into a conversation about Irish heritage.

It doesn't have to be a holiday or a birthday to pick up a small gift for a child. Kids love gifts, toys and even gifts of the more educational variety will be welcome for the attention they give the kids.