CIG Exclusive Items

Discover the essence of Ireland with our exclusive Creative Irish Gifts Exclusive Collection, a carefully curated selection of products that celebrate Irish heritage and craftsmanship. This collection is a testament to the rich culture and tradition of Ireland, featuring unique items that are perfect for those who cherish their Irish roots or simply appreciate the beauty of Irish design.

Clothing for Every Irish Heart:

Ireland Flag Shamrock T-Shirt: Unite the spirit of Ireland and America with this stylish black tee. Made from 100% cotton, it features the iconic shamrock adorned with the colors of the Ireland flag intertwined with the US flag. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any day you want to show off your Irish pride.

Irish Hooligan T-Shirt: Embrace your wild side with this grey, cotton-polyester blend shirt that's as comfortable as it is bold. With a colorful Hooligan front print, it's a statement piece that celebrates the Irish penchant for fun and mischief.

Personalized Irish Pub T-Shirt: Personalize your Irish celebration with a T-shirt that puts your name front and center. This 100% cotton knit tee is adorned with an Irish crest and can be customized for a unique touch. A great gift or personal keepsake.
Jackets to Keep the Irish Warmth

Ireland Flag Zip Up Fleece Jacket: Showcase your love for Ireland with a premium fleece jacket, featuring an embroidered Ireland flag. It's the epitome of comfort meets style, ensuring warmth and Irish pride go hand in hand.
Garden Essentials with an Irish Twist

Irish to the Bone Baseball Cap: Show the world you're "Irish to the Bone" with this edgy baseball cap, featuring weathered design elements, white shamrocks, a skull, and Celtic Trinity knots.

Irish Home and Garden:

Shamrock Throw Pillow: The Shamrock Throw Pillow is perfect for adding a touch of Irish charm to your home. This beautiful cushion features lovely shades of green creating the shamrock at the center of an eggshell white background.

Personalized Garden Irish Flag and Flag Pole: Elevate your garden with a touch of the Emerald Isle. This weather-resistant flag features Ireland's tricolor and a Celtic trinity knot, customizable with your name for a personal touch.

Celtic Turtle Mini Planter: Add a charming Irish symbol to your garden or windowsill with this Celtic turtle mini planter, adorned with green Trinity symbols.

Shamrock Frog Garden Statue: This delightful statue brings the luck of the Irish to your outdoor space, featuring a green and white frog adorned with shamrocks.
Hats That Speak of Irish Pride

This Creative Irish Gifts Exclusive Collection has been selected for its quality, design, and ability to convey the spirit of Irish culture. Whether you're of Irish descent or simply admire the country's rich heritage, these pieces will add a touch of Ireland to your life.

So why wait? Explore the Creative Irish Gifts Exclusive Collection today and embrace the warmth, charm, and tradition of Ireland.