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Fragrance Collection

There are very few fragrances that accurately capture the essence of what it's like to live in Ireland, taking in its sight, sounds and natural beauty. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to be your trusted online resource for the finest Irish fragrance products that are sought out by countless people of Irish heritage. The fragrant products featured in this collection are made in Ireland, and that in itself is a great reason to get them for those who are sure to love using Irish perfume, cologne and other fragrant items.

Find Authentic Inis Products Here

Looking for authentic Inis perfume and cologne for sale? We're excited to be able to offer you the most popular selections of Inis fragrances currently available for online purchase. Here, you can find classic Inis perfume inspired by a famous W. B. Yeats poem. Its delicate floral scent embodies love for Ireland and its people. We also offer moisturizing Inis lotion infused with seaweed extracts, vitamins and minerals. Check out all of the Inis product line and read reviews about what some of our customers think about it.

Energy of the Sea Collection

The Irish have always had a close relationship with the sea, and the Iris Energy of the Sea perfume fragrance line of products pays homage to this long-standing tradition. If you are looking for a uniquely Irish fragrance gift for the Christmas holidays, a birthday or other special occasion, Energy of the Sea Cologne Spray and Energy of the Sea Gift Set Trio make great gifts for any occasion.

Patrick for Men

It can be said that the Patrick line of fragrances embody an earthier essence of Ireland that draw from Ireland's vast greenery and forests. Many men (and women) enjoy the rustic notes of Patrick Cologne.