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Knives Collection

A pocket knife may be a utilitarian tool, but you can make it personal with details such as a Trinity knot or other Irish knot symbols, or a lucky Irish penny to make it distinct. The fine details on a pocket knife make it more than just a tool.

Irish Carving

Details such as a Trinity Knot medallion inlaid in a wood handle, or an Irish penny at the pivot of the small knife give details that make your pocket knife unique, offering personality. Your Irish heritage, or affinity for all things Celtic come to a point with such a knife.

Personalize It

Some pocket knives offer the option of personalization. Have a name engraved on the handle so you can identify it. Carry it daily and use it for everything from cleaning something from under your nails to slicing an apple.

Making the Cut

A few blades are more than just a pocket knife. A personal blade such as a Sgian Dubh blade is a small dagger with an ornate carved handle and sheath. It might be more than you want to carry in your pocket daily, but looks stately on your desk and can come in handy around the home, if you choose to use it on menial tasks such as opening a letter, or doing some light carving.

Working with your hands is an old Irish tradition. Many jobs required knives, whether an Irishman worked on the land or kept a shop. This is a useful tradition to keep alive, as there is frequently a situation that requires a sharp edge to cut through. Whether it's fabric, wood, leather, or other material, a pocket knife always comes in handy. You'll regret it if you forget or choose not to carry your knife with you one day.