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Pets Collection

Pets can claim the Irish spirit when dressed and accessorized with shamrocks and Aran knits. You can show your own personality as well as your pets with some spiffy gear. Your dog will be excited for all the attention he gets when you're out for a walk.


Clip on a shamrock dog collar, shamrock dog tag, and matching leash to go for a walk. The patterned leash and collar are fun and also sturdy, and will keep your dog curbed as necessary.

Aran Sweaters

You and your dog can wear matching Aran sweaters! As the weather gets chilly, a sweater or jacket is always useful, especially for smaller dogs who can get cold easily. The Aran sweater covers the main body in that classic cabled and textured knit that Ireland is known for. The doggie sweater leaves the rear end exposed to do his business.

If Irish and Celtic themes dominate your décor, you can extend your selection to your pet. He can see it as either functional or fun if you make it so. Maybe you will whistle an Irish jig when you go for a walk, or just have a spring in your step seeing the shamrock leash.

Accessories can range from having a hint of Irish - as in a cream-colored Aran sweater -- or something that's full spirit such as a shamrock dog tag. Choose your level of Irish, but know for yourself that your dog has the luck of the Irish in any of these accessories.