How to make Christmas crackers that pop

Christmas Crackers are a timeless Irish tradition that has been passed down for generations. For those unaware, Christmas crackers are a paper contraption that contain messages, gifts or jokes inside of them. The staple of Christmas crackers is the iconic popping that occurs when you break into them. It is very satisfying and acts as great fun and memories when shared with the family.

Before we start the tutorial on how to create your own Christmas crackers, know that this will be quite an involved project that requires a decent number of prerequisite materials. Those who are weary to attempt such a feat will be happy to find out that Creative Irish Gifts provides their own custom Christmas Crackers, each of which contains a snap, a joke, a surprise novelty and a party hat. These high-quality crackers come in packs of eight. While crafting your very own Christmas crackers will be a fun and rewarding process, it is always good to purchase some just in case the project goes south!

Required Materials

As stated above, Christmas crackers require a plethora of prerequisite materials. These materials are listed below:

  • Decorative Paper
  • Box Knife
  • Cracker Snaps
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cracker Fillers
  • Ribbon or Twine

The Tutorial

Firstly, the decorative paper of choice can be as thin as gift wrap, or as thick as lightweight cardstock. To begin, cut this design into your decorative paper, placing the cracker snap as shown. Use two dabs of hot glue to stick the snap onto each side of the paper and wait for it to cool. For thicker paper, it is optimal to leave some slack on the cracker snap, allowing it to raise up in the center of the paper. This will make it easier for the receiver to rip it open, as it will be more difficult since the paper is thicker.

Roll the tubes and insert the tabs as seen here. Now you can use your ribbon or twine to tie a knot on only ONE side of the cracker. This will allow you to fill the other side with whatever fillers you desire. Traditionally, Christmas crackers are filled will novelty toys, messages and jokes, which allows for fun memories shared with the family. However, you can put whatever you like into the cracker, which will really surprise the recipient.

Now that you have filled your cracker with the filling of your choice, it is time to tie the other side. Using your ribbon or twine, simply tie a knot on the other end of the cracker, creating the final product. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Your Christmas cracker is now ready to be opened! To open correctly, hold both ends of the crack and pull. If pulled hard enough, the ends should tear off beautifully, causing a iconic and satisfying POP noise that is enjoyed in many Irish and English Christmases. Crackers are great as stocking stuffers, and the popping noise alone provides great memories for you and your family to remember forever.


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